Welcome to Reflections in a Skillet

So, I am Alex Dadant and was retired from working in the produce department for not trimming my beard sufficiently. Before that I taught 6th and 7th graders for 28 years. I am now officially retired and need a distraction. I’m famous for starting things and not finishing them but I’m hoping I will change that pattern here. Stay tuned.

I have an amazing wife Kris whose interests range from jewelry making to granddaughters to foster care and on and on. When she finds a new interest she researches and pursues it until she has a clear grasp of the topic. I admire her greatly.

My two daughters make me very proud. They are so involved and tuned in to their families and their work. I can honestly say they have turned out well despite me. They’ll protest that but saying so keeps me humble. They are raising three granddaughters (Liza has 2 and Claire 1) with the help of their wonderful and very involved husbands, Will and Brandon.

I won’t get started on my granddaughters. There just isn’t enough time. They are delightful, energetic, and the silver linings that make the clouds go away completely. Thank me for sparing you the glowing details.

As for me, aside from my family my greatest passion is disc golf. I started playing in 1980 and still try to get out regularly. I have helped run tournaments, design courses, and proclaim the fun of this up and coming sport.

I also like puzzles, crossword and jigsaw. Games magazine has been around our house for decades and several are stacked by my chair for ready distraction. Jigsaw puzzles go in cycles. Every year of so we set up the table for a few months and go at it.

As a retired reading teacher I enjoy science fiction, murder mysteries, and nonfiction of all varieties. Mysteries set in ancient Rome are a real soft spot. I’ve read most of Saylor and am currently catching what I missed by Downie and by Davis.

Why am I choosing to blog on cooking? I thoroughly enjoy going into the kitchen and fixing a meal. Kris is a good cook in her own right but doesn’t really enjoy it. I, on the other hand, have been drawn to the kitchen since childhood. I’ve read many cookbooks in greater detail than most. I still tend to research many recipes before I pick up a knife. The Cajun Cook, The Galloping Gourmet, Jan Can Cook, Iron Chef, and Chopped are among the many TV cook shows I’ve watched over the years.

But why blog? I’ve read where it’s a tough arena; it’s full of critics and can be very competitive. It seems insults and aspersions are pretty common. Well, first, I taught for 28 years so I’m used to students, administrators, and parents lining up to tell me what I’m doing wrong. A thick skin is required for teachers. Second, most of the critical bloggers I suspect are concerned about the bottom line. I’m really not in this for the money. I don’t expect thousands of followers and I don’t plan to stir things up. (Okay, so if I make some money I won’t be disappointed.) Third, I’m doing this for two reasons; I need a focus in retirement and I want to record some of my life’s stories for my grandkids.

So bear with me. I intend to keep my intros to less than a page and I’m only going to post a single picture for each recipe. I hope I can hit a high note for you all occasionally.

P. S. If any of my grandkids are reading this, I love you dearly.

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